African American Hair Transplant Before And After

African American Hair Transplant Before And After

Updated at Jul 8, 2022
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Many African American people are unsure whether hair transplants will be successful for them. The good news is that modern follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology works just as well on ethnic hair as it does on other types. Unlike the classic FUT procedure, FUE does not leave a noticeable linear scar and delivers excellent black hair replacement outcomes.

Afro hair transplants are gaining incredible popularity nowadays. A straightforward procedure for transplanting hair from a donor spot to where it is needed takes place as in a regular hair transplant. FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) are two main methods (follicular unit extraction) used for African American hair restoration.

Afro Hair Transplant: FUT or FUE?

To begin, there are two types of Afro hair transplants: FUE vs FUT. However, the FUE treatment is not appropriate for every instance. But why? Now consider the form of Afro hair. Above the skin, Afro hair is highly curly. Furthermore, it is as likely to be curled under the skin as well. A straight extraction instrument is used in the FUE method to penetrate the skin and dislodge the hair follicular unit. Curly hair is more likely to be getting damaged during the FUE technique because of the tool used during the method. Therefore, the FUE method sis not commonly used for black male hair transplant in general. This, however, is not always the case. Each patient and hair is unique, and your doctor will decide which technique is the best for you by running some tests and examination. Your doctor might very well conclude that you are eligible for an FUE African American hair transplant.

Who are Good Candidates for an African American Hair Transplant?

Permanent hair loss in males is caused by androgenic hair loss, commonly known as male pattern baldness, and often appears at the top of the head. But, when it comes to black men, the pattern of hair loss becomes different. In Afro males, a wide pattern shows itself as the primary result of baldness. Since the pattern is different in Afro hair loss, doctors’ examination is different as well. They need to run some tests to check whether you have any illnesses special to black men and women, among with regular tests. You will be eligible if you have enough hair loss and enough healthy hair follicles left without suffering from any serious chronic illnesses.

Ethnic hair transplants, though includes the same process as regular hair transplants, require more attention and care. If you visit Asmed for your Afro hair transplant in Istanbul, you will be made sure to be greeted with all the necessary procedures and care. We, as the Asmed team, will guide you along the way and help you to get your desired outcomes for the hair transplant. Contact us if you have any questions!

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