Afro Hair Transplant Istanbul

Afro Hair Transplant Istanbul

Updated at May 16, 2022
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Hair transplants are extremely popular and viable procedures for people who experience hair loss and want to restore it. With the ongoing discussions about the success and effects of hair transplants, some people wonder about Afro hair transplant and whether they could be applied. Afro hair transplants have become very popular over the past few years, especially in Istanbul. For an Afro hair transplant, the procedure does not differ from a regular hair transplant. During an Afro hair transplant, hair follicles are taken from a donor area to where they are lacking, just like in a regular hair transplant. Whether a black male hair transplant is possible is one of the common questions asked by African Americans who experience hair loss. Afro hair transplants are a little more complicated than regular transplants. This is because of the natural curl of Afro hair follicles. This natural curl makes it a bit harder to ensure graft survival at a maximum level. However, with current technologies and experienced doctors, the success rates of African American hair transplants are very high. Hair transplant in Istanbul reviews also show that clinics in Turkey have greater success rate of hair transplant due to consideration of different ethnic backgrounds and different characteristics of hair.

Which Method Is Best For Afro Hair Transplant, FUT, or FUE?

Both the FUT and FUE techniques could be used for an Afro hair transplant operation. However, every person is not a suitable candidate for an FUE transplant. FUE requires a straight extraction that enters the skin and removes the hair follicles. Curly hair is likely to be damaged during this operation. Of course, not every candidate who gets a curly hair transplant experiences the same situation. Your doctor will decide the best technique for you after running some tests and analyzing your hair thoroughly. Each patient is different and the best option for the procedure will not be possible to determine without some tests.

Are Hair Transplants Successful for Afro Hair?

When hair transplant surgeries became available for the first time, none of the two techniques were applicable for an Afro hair transplant. These techniques are used to damage the curly hair follicles during the extraction process. Therefore, Afro hair transplants were not successful before. However, with today’s technological developments and discourses about how to make it easier for people with curlier hair, Afro hair transplants have become easier and more available for people. Nowadays, Afro hair transplants are as successful as traditional hair transplant procedures. In fact, due to the nature of curly hair, density of hair and thick look is more easily achieved with an Afro hair transplant.

Each hair has unique qualities that determine its structure and look. Having the exact same type of hair is a rare case to be found. Therefore, for successful hair transplant surgeries, it is important to pay attention to these different qualities.

Here in Asmed, we are aware that each case of hair loss and the hair transplant is different from one another. Experienced doctors in Asmed will analyze your hair thoroughly to find the best techniques before your hair transplant surgery. Moreover, if you wonder about African American hair restoration, the professionals in Asmed will be here for you to answer all your questions. If you have any concerns and questions, please contact Asmed professionals.

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