Graft Calculator

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The Graft Calculator is a free iPad application that has been adopted and sponsored by the World FUE Institute. It can be easily downloaded through the Apple Store.


The Graft Calculator, in use now for quite some time, helps control hair per graft averages while extracting grafts from different zones on the scalp (temporal, parietal and occipital) through data simultaneously input by surgical assistants as they check graft quality and hairs per graft averages during the extraction phase. This valuable real time feedback allows for the adjustment of punch size and technique according to the set homogenization plan and the targeted hairs per graft average. An added feature of the Graft Calculator is that patients can follow the number of grafts extracted and other surgical statistics during surgery on surgical room screens.

The Graft Calculator allows for the tracking of time and speed and aides pacing during extractions. It also permits the surgeon to view the statistics of each operator involved in the procedure.

Internet connections provide voice command activation using Siri whereby hairs per graft can be counted without the need to touch the screen leaving hands free and uncontaminated.

Upon the completion of surgery, the statistical aspects of the entire procedure can be traced and copies provided to the patient. The Graft Calculator is an essential tool in executing the surgical plan and maintaining Coverage Values.

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