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Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Hair restoration is a complex procedure that is contingent upon a number of elements, which may play a role in the hair transplant cost . Positive results depend on the careful determination of the patient’s characteristics, the hairline design, donor harvesting, graft survival, incision and insertion, post-operative care and adjunct therapy. The hair transplant cost varies dependent upon the patient’s needs and goals, the surgeon’s skill level and artistry, the technique employed and the location where the procedure will be carried out.

Hair Transplant Cost in İstanbul

At Asmed, our aim is to create an optimum appearance of fullness and naturalness. Because of the fluctuation in the number of grafts required to obtain the sought-after look, our hair transplant cost is charged per graft. Hair characteristics (color, curl and caliber)will not effect the actual hair transplant cost ; however, the extent of the alopecia condition and patient expectations will most definitely influence graft number. However, it is not strictly graft number or technique that must be taken into account.

The following items are considered within the hair transplant price :


Your hair transplant will be performed in a surgical center where all technical and sanitary requirements are applied. Our center has the capability of doing any type of surgery, however, it was exclusively designed for hair transplantation and is exclusively used for this purpose.

Continuing education:

We regularly conduct meetings to plan the following day’s surgeries and to discuss recent developments in hair restoration surgery with our full-time experienced and committed staff.

Doctor consultation:

To identify non-candidates and/or non-ideal candidates, the doctor examines every patient carefully using advanced technical equipment and utilizing the scope of his experience for all determinations. The hair density, the follicular density and the number of hairs per follicular group are evaluated for different regions of the scalp. Hair diameter is measured by a micrometer and subsequently, the donor and the recipient areas as well. Donor capacity is also calculated. If non-candidature is established or if the patient decides not to have the surgery for various reasons, the hair transplant cost is not effected by the consultation.

Manual FUE technique:

FUE is the latest major advancement in hair restoration surgery. In applying this method, a large number of hair follicles can be harvested in a single day with excellent regrowth and high patient tolerance without any significant scarring. At Asmed, only the manual FUE sequential (DES) method is utilized. This technique, developed by Asmed for its exclusive use, allows the doctor to literally feel the path of the follicle. It also allows for the protection of the donor area and safeguards homogenization providing good quality grafts.

Artistry and science:

At Asmed, we carefully combine and balance the dual aspects of artistry and science when performing hair transplants and determining the hair restoration price. Using highly refined artistic skills and scientific techniques, considerations such as donor hair availability, potential future hair loss, the suitability of a particular style (for bone and facial features) and customized hairline design are paramount. It takes proficiency and aptitude to arrive to the exact equilibrium necessary to create a natural look, and at Asmed, we pride ourselves on being experts in this regard.

Incisions are placed by lateral slit technique using custom-sized blades. Lateral orientation results in less tissue damage, closer graft placement, and a shingled effect that creates the illusion of more volume.

Original one-hair follicular units are used in the frontal hairline to give a natural, soft appearance.

Test and analysis:

A blood analysis and electrocardiogram are performed. The necessary tests and analysis are included in the hair transplant price .

Pain management: Asmed’s on-staff anesthesiologist will establish a pain management plan for your procedure and if necessary, will regulate it during surgery according to preference, situation and monitorization. The hair transplant cost includes the medications needed for the procedure.


Different styles of high quality surgical punches are used. To regulate quality and, if necessary to make adjustments, timely reports are given to the surgeon during surgery.

Graft quality control:

The parameters that can affect grafts are carefully controlled by the latest technology. The cross-polarized magnifier, hypothermic storage solution (hypotermosol) and storage device that chills grafts down to from 0°C to 4°C are utilized in all surgeries.


A masseuse is available for neck, shoulder and foot massages during surgery, which does not effect the hair restoration price .

Post-surgical treatment:

Low level laser therapy is applied after surgery, which is included in the hair restoration cost . A post-surgical care kit is also supplied containing a cap (especially developed for this type of surgery), post-operative medications, an ice pack, pillow, Hairixin shampoo, Hairixin lotion and a bottle of liposomal ATP spray, which is included in the hair transplant cost.

Native speaking advisor:

A native-speaking advisor will be assigned to each patient at the time of arrival and will be available throughout the entire procedure in order to assist with communication and clarification in the patient’s native tongue, which will not effect the hair restoration cost.

Hair transplant cost (at ASMED)

Hair transplant cost : 2.5 Euro/graft, that is for each transplanted follicular unit. Hair transplant cost is the same for every Country, Turkish market included.

Hair transplant price faq


Surgical Package

KEEP, customized sapphire blades, ATP and Hypothermosol graft solution, antibiotics, medical ice, "low level” laser therapy, hat, shampoo and post-operative “Hairixin” lotion. The "surgical package" is included in the cost of surgery.

Service Package

Our service package includes all the necessary transportation (airport-clinic-hotel) via ASMED minibus, an assistant/personal translator for the entire duration of the surgery, 2 or 3 nights accommodation in the clinic’s suite or at the hotel 5-star Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia, in both cases with "Bed & Breakfast". Lunch is also included at the clinic on surgical days, however, dinners are not included. The "service package" is included in the cost of surgery.

PRP (optional):

PRP treatment consists in the utilization of a high-density platelet gel, obtained through the centrifugation of a small quantity of patient’s blood. This is a medical procedure known since the Seventies with a proved efficiency in promoting tissues regeneration. That will produce general benefits regarding the post-operatory recover and, consequently, the final result.

We suggest PRP treatment to all our patients following our clinical observations; nevertheless, it is needed to specify that no official study has been presented yet, this is why we propose the treatment as optional. We have a lot of experience about PRP utilization regarding follicular hair transplantation, so that we can offer an efficient and top-quality treatment.

Fares are not negotiable and we don’t offer discounts. Discounts are offered just for operations over burnt tissues and other special conditions (at the Clinic discretion).

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