Shampoo Ingredients That Cause Hair Loss

Shampoo Ingredients That Cause Hair Loss

Updated at Jul 8, 2022
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Dermatologists all around the world agree that seeing a lot of hair strands in the shower should make us reconsider our hair care selections. While it is typical to lose 50 to 100 hair strands every day, excessive hair loss indicates that something is wrong. And it is often the harmful chemicals our hair care products contain. While “can hair dye cause hair loss?” is a frequently asked question, people do not suspect their shampoos. However, ironic as it may sound, shampoos are highly linked with hair loss. If you are dealing with an itchy scalp and hair loss, you might want to reconsider your shampoo choice, and you might have found the answer to “how to stop hair loss” without going to a doctor.

Here are the main shampoo ingredients that could trigger hair loss:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Laureth Sulfate

Sulfates are the most harmful of all the compounds included in hair care products. They could be found in vehicle wash detergent, therefore they are not actually suitable for our skin. Sulfates come in a variety of forms, but two, in particular, should be avoided: sodium lauryl sulfates and sodium laureth sulfates. They are the ingredients that allow foaming to occur. Even though shampoo ads imply that foaming is good while using shampoo, it is actually not the case. Foaming degrades the proteins required for hair growth and damages the protective oils, causing the hair to dry out and split.


Shampoos include certain protective compounds, one of which is paraben. Parabens may cause the growth of germs in hair products. There are different forms of parabens, so when you check the ingredient section of your shampoo, be careful to look for the ingredients that end with -paraben. Parabens have also been related to breast cancer.

Sodium Chloride

It is known that salt is beneficial to our immune systems, but it is not good for the health of our hair. Dermatologists agree that the chemical structure of salt is harmful to hair health, and using salt on your hair actually results in hair loss or thinning. So, next time, check the ingredients of your shampoo to ensure that it does not include too much sodium chloride. men.


Formaldehyde is the most dangerous of all the dangerous compounds found in shampoos. It has been shown in animal studies to be absorbed through the scalp. Some people are sensitive or allergic to this common shampoo component. Your eyes may hurt if you use Formaldehyde-containing shampoo on your hair. In rare situations, your nose will begin to flow. According to prominent hair specialists, there have also been reports of hair loss and vomiting caused by Formaldehyde-containing hair products. Therefore, be extra careful that it does not contain Formaldehyde while choosing a shampoo!

Hair loss is a severe health issue that many individuals face on a daily basis. While you may be seeking answers to your hair loss, you should be aware that treating the source is critical for the best therapy. Asmed’s medical specialists are available to talk with you if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning. Asmed's experienced and professional doctors will give you the best treatments available. If you have any queries about hair transplant in Istanbul, don't be afraid to ask Asmed specialists for help!

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