Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss

Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss

Updated at May 16, 2022
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Hair loss is one of the biggest problems many people struggle with. Of course, every hair loss is not the same. There are numerous factors that cause hair loss and a lot of types of hair loss, too. Hair loss could be temporary or permanent. Permanent hair loss is usually caused by genetics, whereas temporary hair loss occurs due to many different reasons. For instance, stress and hair loss are very linked. But the hair loss due to stress is generally temporary and will stop when stress factors are avoided. One of the common concerns about hair health is whether dying hair will cause hair to fall out. The answer is, the more you color your hair, the greater your hair will be damaged. Once your hair is damaged, it will tend to shred and fall out easier. Of course, dying your hair will not stop or slow down the hair growth process, but the chemicals in hair dye are dangerous for hair. Thankfully, dying your hair does not prevent new hair from growing out of your scalp, so even if you lose your hair due to dying it often, it will not be permanent. However, you should keep in mind that dying your hair very frequently might have permanent impacts on the appearance and strength of your hair and make your hair become lifeless. Moreover, frequent hair coloring might cause dandruff or allergic reactions in your scalp. Therefore, you should be careful about hair-dying. Still, it does not mean that every person who dyes their hair will necessarily suffer from hair loss. One of the major reasons why hair-dyes are damaging for hair is the chemicals used in the process, mainly ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. They are used for bleaching hair and are very effective when it comes to causing hair loss.

Will My Hair Grow After Hair-Dye-Related Loss?

Even if dying your hair causes some loss, thankfully, the hair under the scalp is most of the time not affected. Therefore, as long as you make sure your scalp does not get damaged, your hair will grow without a major problem. This means that the hair strands you lost due to dying your hair will be replaced by new and healthier ones. However, you should make sure that the heavy chemicals you use are not absorbed by the scalp. Otherwise, it will become harder for you to grow healthy hair.

What To Do To Prevent Hair Loss When Using Hair-Dye?

The key factor while coloring your hair is the products you use. As long as you use a good hair dye and perform the dying process carefully and properly, your hair will not be as damaged. Products suggested by professionals usually are the ones that contain less than 20% peroxide. You should also note that dying your hair might dry out your scalp. So, you should consider moisturizing products, such as conditioners, after you dye your hair.

Surely, hair-dye is a complicated issue when it comes to hair health. It is often discussed by professionals, too. So, it is normal to have questions regarding dying your hair and hair loss. If you are experiencing hair loss and want to find solutions for that problem, professionals in Asmed are here to guide you. Here in Asmed, you could reach out and learn about how to stop hair loss as well as many other major questions regarding hair health and diseases. Moreover, if you struggle with hereditary hair loss, such as male or male pattern baldness, you could consult the doctors in Asmed to find out other ways to solve your hair-related issues. For instance, one of the most popular operations regarding hair is FUE hair transplant.

Asmed is well-known with its success rate of hair transplant surgeries, too. Do not hesitate to reach us if you have questions or doubts about any issue concerning your hair health!

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