Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss

Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss

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It is typical for you to lose between 50 and 100 hairs every day. Therefore, finding a few hairs in your comb or on your pillow should not alarm you immediately. The problem is when you are losing a lot more than this. In such cases, you might question your habits and routines. Alcohol is one of the reasons that is thought to be linked with hair loss. But it is unlikely that drinking one glass of wine every day would cause you to lose hair. There is no known direct relationship between alcohol consumption and hair loss. However, excessive drinking can cause conditions such as nutritional shortages or hormonal imbalances, which can cause your hair to thin down.

Before jumping to conclusions, you should keep in mind that there are several forms and reasons for hair loss. Once could experience temporary hair loss due to an imbalanced diet or smoking. Moreover, some medical issues result in hair loss, such as autoimmune disorders or lupus hair loss. Even mental problems sometimes cause hair loss, so if you are asking “can depression cause hair loss”, yes it can. However, not all people who experience depression will necessarily experience hair loss.

The point is it is critical to consult with your doctor about your specific hair issue and probable situations leading to it. Otherwise, it will not be able to figure out the best hair loss treatment for men and women. Here are the two major situations that are linked to alcohol consumption that eventually cause hair loss:

Nutrition Deficits Due to Alcohol Consumption

Too much alcohol consumption might lead to nutritional deficits or malabsorption. There is evidence that not receiving enough zinc and protein may cause hair loss. People who drink heavily may not eat enough nutrients in some situations owing to a bad diet. In certain circumstances, alcohol actually disrupts the way the body processes and utilizes food during digestion. Eventually, excessive consumption of alcohol does not allow important nutrients to be absorbed properly, which results in hair loss.

Thyroid Problems Caused by Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Extreme alcohol use could have an effect on your thyroid. It can also have an impact on other hormone interactions that regulate a wide range of bodily activities, such as hair growth and shedding. These problems caused by alcohol consumption might result in an itchy scalp and hair loss in the long run. However, cutting off alcohol suddenly will also result in thyroid problems due to withdrawal. The key is to keep the balance and not consume alcohol excessively.

Hair loss, temporary or permanent, is a serious health problem that many people deal with on a regular basis. While you might be looking for solutions for your hair loss, you need to know that addressing the cause is a priority for the right treatment. Medical experts in Asmed are here to consult you for any problems you might have with hair loss or thinning. Experienced and skilled Asmed doctors will provide you with the best possible treatments necessary. If you have any questions about hair transplant in Turkey, do not shy away from reaching out to Asmed professionals for guidance!

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