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The KE-Head was developed by Koray Erdogan, M.D. in response to the need to create a life-size model of the head with scalp-like properties for extraction and placement hair restoration surgery training purposes.

The KE-Head is made of synthetic materials that simulate the scalp’s skin rendering lifelike and realistic elasticity and resistance when using an array of extraction and placement instrumentation options. At ASMED, preferential surgical devices include the manual punch along with the K.E.E.P. embedding placer. The KE-Head plays an important role in Surgical Assistant training at ASMED where the surgical staff must undergo 10,000 grafts of training on the head for both extraction and placement before beginning to work on live patients.

The KE-Head will be utilized at the upcoming World FUE Institute Workshops where physicians from throughout the world will be able to experiment using various techniques and devices for both manual and mechanical extraction and placement.

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