How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

Updated at Mar 13, 2023
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When hair grows within instead of outward, it is called an ingrown hair. No one likes the redness, pain, and possible infection that ingrown hairs can bring if they are not treated properly.

Here, you can check what to do to prevent ingrown hair.

How To Prevent Ingrown Hair

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to ingrown hair. It's so much better to prevent a problem than to treat that health issue. Here, we have listed some ways to prevent ingrown hair. These preventive measures can also double as tips for healthy hair.

Shaving and waxing are major contributors to ingrown hairs. As you shave, the hair is cut close to the skin, leaving a smooth, sharp edge. If you shave your head and the hair starts to grow back in, it might become entangled in the process and grow back into the skin. While shaving, always go in the direction of hair growth and use a sharp razor to avoid ingrown hairs.

You should be careful as you shave or wax your hair because it is very easy to irritate your scalp and other skin areas while doing these. Thus, use a better

Exfoliating often is another method for preventing ingrown hairs. Dead skin cells can build up on the skin's surface and make it more challenging for hair to penetrate. Ingrown hair can also happen as a result of a hair transplant. If it's not done right, a hair transplant can end up with ingrown hairs. However, in Asmed, our professionals are ready to assist you with anything you might need after a hair transplant. A hair transplant turkey costs somewhere around $2,000 and $5,000. You can book an appointment easily through our website and learn more about the procedure.

Getting Rid of Ingrown Hairs

f you have ingrown hair, the first thing you should do is resist the urge to pop or cut it. This might potentially lead to increased inflammation or an infection. Instead, try putting a warm compress on the area with the ingrown hair.

One of the ways to also improve hair growth and prevent ingrown hair is to expose your hair sufficiently to sunlight. If you ask does sunlight helps hair growth, the answer is yes. The sun provides a dose of vitamin D that helps create new hair follicles that facilitate the growth of your hair.

You can arrange an appointment or schedule a conversation with one of our numerous specialists in Asmed if you still have questions or would like more information about ingrown hair and/or would want to receive individualized assistance.

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