How Many Grafts Do I Need?

How Many Grafts Do I Need?

Updated at Jan 18, 2023
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A section of skin with hair is referred to as a "hair graft." To replace weaker, fewer, or dead hair follicles, healthy and strong hair grafts are taken from the donor area of a person and then transplanted to those places.

How Many Hair Grafts Are Needed?

The quantity of grafts required will range from individual to individual because each patient's aims for hair restoration are unique. However, it often ranges from 600 grafts (for mild hair loss) to 3,000 or more grafts (for more extensive hair loss). The Norwood-Hamilton scale or Ludwig scale can be used to determine your stage of hair loss. The more hair grafts are required to fill bald spots, the more severe the hair loss that has been discovered.

How Are Hair Grafts Transplanted?

The two distinct techniques that transfer hair grafts from one location to another are follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). A hair graft or donor follicle is removed individually from the scalp during a FUE procedure as opposed to a FUT, which involves the removal of a strip of the donor tissue (containing the hair graft or donor follicle) all at once. However, the process of implanting is the same in both procedures. The follicles are prepared for implantation by removing extra tissue from around them between removal (harvesting) and transplanting by highly trained medical technicians using powerful stereo microscopes.

Usually, the back of the patient's head serves as the donor location during a hair transplant process. The reason for this is that the DHT, a hormone that causes hair to be thin, is not able to affect the hair in certain areas (Dihydrotestosterone). In contrast to a FUT, when a strip of skin tissue is taken all at once, a hair transplant is circled, and the skin around the follicle is punctured using a tool with a diameter of about 1mm during a FUE treatment. Next, a surgical tweezer is used to remove the hair graft. 7 days after hair transplant, hair will begin to grow. A hair transplant's complete results can be observed 9 to 12 months after the procedure.

How Much Do Hair Transplant Grafts Cost?

Depending on the amount of hair that needs to be replaced and whether FUT or FUE therapy is chosen, the overall cost of a hair transplant is often determined per graft. The cost per follicular unit graft decreases as the number of follicular unit grafts increases. It also depends on how much donor hair is accessible, how each patient's hair loss is classified, and the recommended course of therapy by your doctor.

Remember that picking an experienced clinic with the appropriate technology, controlled health and safety standards, unrivaled patient experience, and top doctors can make a difference in your FUE hair transplant.

This is because the best clinics can achieve a high hair survival rate by using careful precision techniques, which results in fewer grafts being required. This is crucial because you can only use a certain amount of hair grafts from the back and sides of your scalp for transplantation during your lifetime. Therefore, it's crucial to use them well in a methodically planned operation. For the least expensive hair transplant procedure, you may as well have your hair transplant in Turkey. To address problems with your hair and hair loss, visit Asmed to learn how.

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