Do You Have to Keep Getting Hair Transplants?

Do You Have to Keep Getting Hair Transplants?

Updated at Sep 20, 2022
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Many people who consider getting a hair transplant worry whether the effects will be permanent or they will need to keep getting hair transplants for the rest of their lives. The primary benefit of a hair transplant is that it is a permanent operation. Certain factors influence the long-term outcome of a hair transplant, but in general, the effects of a hair transplant are permanent and do not necessitate other surgeries. Some people worry when their transplanted hair starts falling out. It is important to understand that the “newly transplanted” hair will begin to fall out six weeks following surgery. This is only a transitory phase, called the shock loss phase. So how long after hair transplant are grafts secure? Typically, your new hair will come out of the graft in five to six weeks.

After the transplant surgery, you will require a surgical touch-up operation to get more natural-looking results. These will be performed many weeks after your first wounds have healed. Some people may require numerous efforts to achieve a full head of hair. To heal more quickly and witness the best effects of the operation, you will need to use certain supplements after the hair transplant procedure. Moreover, your doctor will tell you the best vitamins after hair transplant surgery to make sure your new hair grows healthily.

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Effects of the procedure will begin to appear in three to four months and will continue to improve throughout the year. The hair will fall out in three to six weeks, and you may appear to have less hair than previously. This is a normal situation and you do not need to be alarmed. Your hair will regrow in the next few months.

It is possible that several surgical procedures may be required to obtain acceptable hair growth for some patients. It is normally advisable to wait a few months between sessions. If necessary, an extra touch-up operation to fill in the frontal hairline and improve the overall appearance may be performed.

Is It Possible You Could Need Another Hair Transplant?

Even though hair transplants are typically successful after the first procedure, some patients will be advised by their doctor that they require repeated sessions of transplant surgery to obtain the desired outcomes.

Your hair transplant should last for a very long time. The hair follicles may diminish as you age, but they will almost certainly continue to generate hair for the rest of your life. Your doctor will go through the strategies you will follow in detail to ensure that your hair does not seem uneven or unnatural in the years following your hair transplant.

Hair transplants are a therapeutic option for noticeably thinning hair. The effects of a hair transplant are considered permanent since they cannot be reversed. However, just because your hair transplant appears well when it heals does not indicate it will look good for the rest of your life. Finding a skilled practitioner who knows how to produce a natural-looking, long-lasting hair transplant design is critical. Thankfully, the Asmed team is here for you to have the best effects possible. With experienced doctors and FUE hair transplant professionals, we are here to support you. Contact us for more tips for healthy hair after a hair transplant!

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