Does Biotin Help Hair Growth

Does Biotin Help Hair Growth

Updated at Nov 21, 2022
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Your hair loss could be related to your dietary issues, or you could be suffering from stress and hair loss together. Regardless of your experience, if you are perusing the hair care aisle or scrolling through the internet for hair treatments, you will probably come across biotin. This B vitamin has a reputation for keeping your hair healthy, and physicians regularly suggest it aids with hair loss. But could biotin also assist your hair growth? Biotin provides vital proteins that aid in the growth of your skin, nails, and hair, but it is not a magic hair product. So, you should not act as if biotin will solve all your hair health problems. Here is what you need to know about biotin and hair growth:

Biotin is a B vitamin that aids in the development of keratin, which is a protein responsible for the formation of nails, skin, and hair. So, if you are wondering which vitamin is best for hair, biotin is one of the answers. According to some studies, a deficiency of biotin in your system might cause hair loss. In such a scenario, you may be questioning if increasing your biotin consumption can result in improved hair growth. For the time being, there isn't enough study to conclusively establish that biotin can aid in hair growth. However, biotin has been demonstrated to aid in the prevention of baldness and hair loss.

How Much Biotin Sholud You Take?

If you want to be sure you receive enough biotin, the daily recommended biotin consumption for adults is 30 micrograms (mcg). If you are pregnant, you will require around 35 mcg each day. If you have alopecia, your doctor may suggest biotin pills or a greater biotin-rich diet battle hair loss. They may advise you to increase your dosage to 3 milligrams (or 3,000 mcg) every day.

What Kinds of Biotin Are There?

There are several methods to gain the benefits of biotin. You may already be getting a good dosage without even realizing it.

Here are various methods to obtain biotin:

  • Biotin-rich foods

First, include several biotin-rich foods into your routine. This is the most natural way to absorb biotin into your system. Many foods contain biotin, including cow liver, eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, almonds, and broccoli.

  • Mega-B vitamins

Certain supplements may be used as an alternative if you have dietary constraints or need an extra biotin boost. Many dermatologists recommend a mega-B vitamin combination that comprises 30 mg of zinc, 200 mg of vitamin C, and folic acid as a supplement.

  • Biotin shampoos

If you want to use biotin to promote your hair growth, you should try using a biotin shampoo. True, many shampoo manufacturers include biotin in their recipes to counteract hair loss. But you may need extra biotin to promote further hair growth.

Side Effects of Biotin

Increasing your biotin intake is typically safe. But be careful not to overdo it. Too much biotin from supplements can cause gastrointestinal problems, difficulty sleeping, and skin rashes in rare circumstances. However, these are just rare examples, and you do not need to worry about biotin’s side effects if you are in touch with your doctor.

Hair loss is one of the most common health issues of all genders and age groups. Sometimes, it is temporary or mild and could be solved through dietary improvements or medications. Of course, there are cases where hair loss is permanent and genetic. In such instances, you could always benefit from the great effects of FUE hair transplant.

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