Do Thickening Shampoos Work

Do Thickening Shampoos Work

Updated at Nov 22, 2022
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If you are struggling with thinning hair or experiencing certain hair loss patterns, you have certainly tried a variety of hair thickening treatments and discovered that some help and others simply do noThese products that claim to help you with your hair thinning problems might make your existing hair look thicker. However, they do not actually fix thinning hair because they do not stimulate the development of new hairs.

Although a thickening shampoo or conditioner might make hair look thicker, this is simply a temporary fix. The majority of these products seek to modify the texture of your hair in order to improve its appearance. These products just provide the illusion of fuller hair.

What Do Thickening Shampoos Do?

Hair thickening shampoos cannot change the chemical properties of your hair, hence they cannot change the thickness permanently. Hair thickening shampoos provide the appearance of thicker hair by making each piece of hair thicker and decreasing the amount of space between the strands of hair. Protein-based shampoos will infuse panthenol into the hair strands, which will aid in hair growth. Protein-based shampoos, especially, will infuse panthenol into the hair strands, helping to plump out each strand of hair and create volume, while the protein will temporarily reinforce the outer layer of the hair.

Disadvantages of Hair Thickening Shampoos

The primary disadvantage of utilizing hair thickening shampoo is that the benefits are only temporary; when you switch to ordinary shampoo, it is meant to remove any chemicals and impurities from your hair. As a result, they will peel the thickening ingredients that are covering your hair, causing it to revert to its previous thin state. This implies you'll have to keep applying hair thickening shampoo for as long as you wish your hair to seem thicker.

Some individuals believe that this is sufficient. However, you should know before using them that thickening shampoos deliver only temporary remedies. If you are experiencing more than just a seasonal hair loss, you should visit with a professional to discuss your choices and determine how to establish a more permanent solution to your hair loss problems.

If thinning hair is becoming an issue for you and you want to discover a long-term solution rather than a short one like a thickening shampoo, medical professionals at Asmed provide treatments that will last a lifetime. At Asmed, we provide both medication and therapies to aid with hair growth. You could practically ask for guidance and consultation from the Asmed team regarding hair transplants and how the hair transplant growth timeline is. Contact now for more information!

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