Best Days to Cut Hair For Growth

Best Days to Cut Hair For Growth

Updated at Apr 26, 2023
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Many who struggle with hair loss have heard tips for healthy hair many times. These generally include home remedies such as mineral oil for hair. There are other methods people have utilized, such as getting haircuts at specific times. The timing of your haircuts can be crucial if you want your hair to grow and thicken more quickly. A haircut is a good way to get rid of split ends, which can weaken hair and cause it to grow more slowly. The thickness and health of your hair can be improved by strategically planning when you get haircuts.

Moon Cycles And Hair Growth

Many civilizations throughout history, such as Ancient Indians and Chinese, believed that the cycles off the moon affect hair growth and when to cut your hair. Even though this may sound far-fetched, there are some studies showing that the gravitational force of the moon may affect our bodies, hence, hair growth. If you’re one of the people who believes in the power of the universe, you may want to perform your hair growth exercise on certain days. There are some methods utilizing these factors.

Lunar Calendar Method

Lunar hair care advocates for getting haircuts on the days when the moon is waxing, or between the new and full moon. It's recommended to have a haircut now because that's when hair grows the quickest and healthiest. The argument behind this is that during this phase of the moon, the body's energy and blood flow are stimulated by the moon's greater gravitational pull, resulting in stronger hair growth.

Chinese Zodiac Method

The Chinese Zodiac calendar is another tool for choosing the optimal times for a haircut. This system assigns a different animal and element to each day of the week. It is thought that getting your haircut on a Thursday (related with the Wood element) or a Sunday (connected with the Gold element) will result in the healthiest hair growth.

Astrological Method

Each day of the week corresponds to a different planetary energy in astrology. Mercury, the planet of communication and decision-making, is linked to Wednesday, while Saturn, the planet of order and discipline, is linked to Saturday. Getting a haircut on the day linked with a planet that influences growth, like Venus or Jupiter, is said to promote hair growth and thickness.

There are a few different strategies to take into account when deciding which days are optimum for a haircut to promote hair growth and thickness. Remember that the health of your hair is the most significant issue, regardless of whether you follow the lunar calendar approach, the Chinese Zodiac method, or the astrological way. It doesn't matter how or when you do it, a regular haircut is essential for preventing split ends and encouraging healthy hair development. The greatest method for you and your hair is the one you come up with yourself.

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