Side Effects of Applying Vicks on Hair

Side Effects of Applying Vicks on Hair

Updated at Nov 21, 2022
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Vicks is a widely used brand in households. It is designed to help your breathing more effectively, but using it on your hair can make things more difficult. Vicks is an antimicrobial medication that you spray into your nostrils or down the back of your throat. It comes in the form of an aerosol canister. Although some might prefer to use it as a cream or gel, it is mainly found as steam or vapor. Vicks typically remains on the skin for up to 8 hours. It depends on how regularly and how much you use it.

What are the Side Effects of Applying Vicks on Hair?

Itchy scalp may result from Vicks application. Itching and redness may follow this as well. Avoid using the product on your scalp if you encounter these symptoms, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, Vicks is probably going to make it itch or rash. If this happens, you should apply an anti-itch lotion and wash the area with warm water and soap to prevent additional inflammation.

How Can You Get Vicks Out of Your Hair?

Vicks are greasy and challenging to remove from your skin or hair. There are several methods you can use to get rid of Vicks from your hair. This is how:

  • Use Shampoo Applying a shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS as an ingredient is an important step to get Vicks out of your hair. SLS is typically used in shampoos because it dissolves oils on the skin's surface and gets rid of debris from pores. Additionally, it possesses anti-dandruff components that prevent microorganisms that cause dandruff from adhering to hair follicles. So, it will benefit your hair overall! After using an SLS-containing shampoo, carefully rinse and dry your hair. This can help remove any Vicks that may still be present after washing out your shampoo.

  • Use shampoo and olive oil Olive oil could also be used sparingly on your hair. Your hair's Vicks extract will benefit from the oil. The shower hat should be worn for ten minutes. This will give the Vicks permission to interact with your skin and hair. Simply wash again with cold water after rinsing out your shampoo and moisturizer with warm water. Your hair will be clean and fresh-smelling after doing this, helping to wash away any remaining Vicks. Before drying and shaping as desired, hydrate dry ends with a nutritious conditioner or leave-in treatment.

How Can You Leave Vicks in Your Hair Overnight?

Vicks can be applied to your hair for a few hours, but not for too long. Your hair could get hard and dry as a result. Make sure Vicks is well washed out of your hair before going to bed with it in your hair. Vicks will help moisturize and toughen the strands if you leave it on overnight if your hair is severely damaged or parched.

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