Medical Reasons for Hair Loss

Medical Reasons for Hair Loss

Updated at Oct 24, 2022
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Many people go through hair loss during their lives, whether it be sudden hair loss in men or a more gradual one in women. Alopecia can affect your scalp, and it can go away in time. It might be the consequence of your DNA or hormonal imbalances. Anyone can lose hair on their scalp, but males are more likely to lose hair as they get older.

Baldness is commonly defined as significant hair loss from the scalp. The biggest reason of baldness in males is hair loss with age. Some people prefer not to care about this. Others may conceal it with other haircuts, cosmetics, hats, or scarves. Others choose for one of the various treatments to prevent additional hair loss or to restore growth. Types of hair loss, in this sense, affect the recovery procedure.

Discuss the cause of your hair loss and treatment options with your doctor before considering hair loss therapy. Hair loss patterns differ, and this will cause different procedures. If you are not happy about the state of your hair in yourself and wish to seek treatment, you can go to a doctor. Talk to your doctor about an early remedy for receding hairline (facial fibrosing alopecia) so that you can avoid baldness.

Also, see your doctor if you notice sudden or patchy hair loss or more hair loss than usual when you comb or wash your hair or the hair of your child. Sudden hair loss might indicate an underlying medical problem that must be treated.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a disorder that causes the body's immune system to destroy hair follicles, thus resulting in hair loss. Hair loss can occur anywhere on the body but mostly the scalp. Some may have lash or brow loss. Is it possible to recover hair if you have alopecia areata? Yes. If your hair does not recover on its own, therapy may encourage regrowth.


Hair loss is a potential adverse effect of various drugs. If you suspect a medicine is causing your hair loss, check with the doctor who provided it to see if hair loss is a side effect. It is critical that you do not discontinue the medicine before consulting with your doctor. Stopping certain drugs abruptly might result in significant health concerns.

Cancer treatment

If you get chemotherapy or radiation treatment, this can cause reversible hair loss. Moreover, stress and hair loss is also related in this process, and that will cause hair fall too. Is it possible to regenerate after cancer treatment? Hair normally begins to regenerate within months of completing head or neck chemotherapy or radiation treatments. Dermatologists can prescribe medicines to help hair regrow faster.

Hormonal imbalance

The biggest reason, polycystic ovarian syndrome, is a typical cause of hormonal imbalance. It causes cysts on a woman's ovaries, as well as other signs and symptoms such as hair loss. Stopping certain birth control tablets might result in a temporary hormonal imbalance. Women who experience a hormonal imbalance may experience thinning (or hair loss) on their scalps. You should consult your doctor about hormone imbalance therapy.

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