Different Types of Hairlines

Different Types of Hairlines

Updated at Sep 28, 2023
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The edge of the area where your hair begins to grow is known as the hairline. Each of us has a distinctive hairline outlined by features like shape, height, hair growth, etc., on the forehead. Some people have different hairline types their entire lives; some have age-related changes in their hairline structure. So, in addition to aesthetics, hairlines also impact how we look.

Types of hairline

Here are various types of hairlines:

  • Low Hairline
  • Middle Hairline
  • High Hairline
  • Widow’s Peak
  • Receding Hairline
  • Bell-Shaped
  • Straight Lined
  • Uneven Hairline
  • Cowlick Hairline

What Is Considered As A Good Hairline?

Some of the best hairline styles are regarded as having a low, moderate, straight, or bell-shaped hairline. These hairlines prevent your forehead from appearing big or broad. In addition, a bell-shaped or straight hairline makes it simpler to pull off any hairdo you like, as long as you don't have any type of hair loss.

Factors influencing your hairline type


With age, the hairline recedes in both men and women, though to varying degrees. Women with low hairiness begin to notice a recession relatively late in life because of this. Some hairlines, such as the widow's peak, may even become less noticeable as they age.


Most people's hairlines have a hereditary basis, and some genetic abnormalities, including frontonasal dysplasia, can even cause the hairlines to seem uneven.

Hair habits

Your hairline may be temporarily or permanently affected by hairstyle techniques, including pulling or twisting the hair excessively tightly over an extended period of time. Regular chemical hair treatments might also cause a change in the original nature of your hairline. You can use our tips for healthy hair to groom good hair habits.

How to Protect Your Hairline

Hydrate your hair

It's crucial to keep your hair hydrated. By doing this, you may protect your hairline and seal it off from harm.

Consume a balanced diet.

As much as it is about exterior behaviors, haircare is also about how you treat your body on the inside. To stay healthy, your hair needs vital nutrients, including protein, biotin, fatty acids, and folic acid (iron). To meet the nutrient requirement, include leafy green vegetables and colorful fruits in your diet.

Apply hair mask

Get a moisturizing hair mask with keratin for your hair. Your hair will be softer and healthier than ever if it receives enough keratin. Use a hair mask on your hair at least once every week to improve the condition of your hair.

Clinical interventions for hairline change

Therapeutic intervention is required if you want to see a significant change in your hairline. For example, a trichologist may recommend certain drugs to promote hair growth. However, you must speak with your doctor about potential drug interactions to avoid adverse effects. Alternatively, you can choose to have a hair transplant, which is a medical procedure to add hair to your hairline and alter its shape. By retaining the same quality and utilizing the best methods, hair transplantation in Turkey costs many times less than in any other country.

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