How much is hair transplant

Hello my friends! I would like to ask some questions about hair transplant. I have been searching hair transplant clinics since six months. I have Norwood 2 and I have noticed a thinning on top but I am not bald on the back, I can easily see the differences between 6 months ago and right now. I wanted to ask how much is hair transplant does it cost the hair grafting in general?

How much is hair transplant

How and who decides the front line of the patient? Do you think its better to have a hair transplant operation in summer or in winter? How many hours does the hair transplant takes?  is it so painful ? Should I prefer FUE or FUSS? Which one is less painful? What do you think about Manuel fue and micro fue? Do they use local anesthesia or general anesthesia for the hair transplant? I’m sorry for asking so many questions but I have been searching and I really used every single shampoo, lotions, tablets but it’s not really working for me. You might think that I don’t have patient but I am just stressed.

How much is hair transplant? Thank you for helping. Good luck

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