Manual Fue

So, after a lot of research, you have decided that FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the way to go with your Hair transplant surgery. You start searching for clinics and specific surgeons who have an impeccable reputation for outstanding natural results. As you research, you come across many clinics worldwide and become informed that within the category of FUE, there are many extraction techniques. You read the pros and cons of each, but you are particularly interested in the Manual FUE Technique that seems to take the most skill.

Manuel FUE is a technique managed by hand. The punch used to penetrate the scalp contains a cylindrical blade with a diameter of less than 1mm. The diameter at the ends of punches vary between 0.6-1.00 mm. In Manual FUE, the follicular units are removed manually from the scalp area one by one using a rotating motion. The punch depth is determined manually according to the length of the follicular units and then the follicular units are collected by hand, also one by one. It is without a doubt a tedious job, but one that affords complete control to the operator. Bleeding and scarring is more limited, and adjustments can be made on site. The possibility of damage to the follicles also is minimized, but even with these advantages, it takes extreme skill and precision on the part of the operator to effectuate a flawless extraction.

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Despite this long and tedious process, it is still possible to extract thousands of follicular units in a day. However, in many cases, excessive recipient area requirements for homogeneity and a natural result necessitate two-day surgical procedures.

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