Istanbul Hair Transplant

Let’s take a hypothetical situation.


Ok. So you have decided that your only option is a hair transplant. Now what?


You begin speaking to your friends, making them aware of your decision. You ask around for a reputable, but reasonably priced clinic to have it done, but no one has had a hair transplant. Then one day, your buddy at work says that he knows someone who he thinks might have had an Istanbul Hair transplant. An Istanbul hair transplant, you have to wonder. But, your buddy goes on to tell you that this guy looks really great and that you would never know that he had had a transplant. Really? You just want to verify that you are not hearing wrong. Yes, he went to Istanbul for his transplant principally because of the cost, but also because of the quality reputation your buddy tells you.

Images of what you know of Istanbul dance in the depths of your imagination. Water pipes, smoky cafes, belly dancers and sultans come to mind. But, you decide to look into it just the same and when you get home, you decide to surf the Internet for clinics in Istanbul. You come across the name of Dr. Koray Erdogan and his ASMED Surgical Medical Center, a state-of-the-art clinic with a reputation that rivals no other.  You see that he is a Follicular Unit Extraction surgeon (FUE) and one of the best in the world in his field. You are convinced from what you see that this just might be the way to go.


You speak to your buddy the next day at work and ask him to ask his friend where exactly his Istanbul hair transplant was performed. Later that day, you get your answer. It was at the ASMED clinic in Istanbul. The decision is made.


After supplying photos and medical information to the clinic, an appointment is set in Istanbul with Dr. Erdogan. You pack your bags and you are off for an adventure to one of the most ancient cities in the world.


The surgery goes like clockwork and after just six months, the beginning results are amazing; great coverage, very minimal scarring, an esthetic hairline and incredible piece of mind. After a year, you are completely amazed and so are your friends.


But, this was just a hypothetical situation, was it not?  It does not need to be, because these kinds of results can be a reality for all of ASMED’s patients. hair transplant turkey is a viable solution for many patients who, because of cost and fear of imperfect results, shy away from having the head of hair that they have always dreamed of.  Reality is only a few steps away.

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