Hair Treatment For Men

I am Phill, from Iceland. I’ve recently turned 19. I started to loose my hair around 17. I think it’s genetic because I remember that also my father was suffering from hair loss when he was young. Now he is 50 years old and he is bald right now. I don’t want to be like him so I am looking for a way to stop my hair loss.

I heard about finesteride and I would like to use it but I am scared of side effects and I think I should talk to a successful doctor about this situation. I am reading hair loss forums and I couldn’t decide what I’ve got to do.

Hair Treatment For Men

My father never used finesteride and had operations, he is so regretful right now. But one of my friends from college was interested in a hair treatment for men and he decided to use finesteride and have a hair implantation next year.

I am also looking for a hair treatment for men. I read about hair transplantation and talked about it with my friend but I think it’s too early for me. I would like to stop my hair loss particularly in the temples.

Hair Treatment For Men

By the way I read about also minoxidil but everyone says that it has more side effects than finesteride. What I’m wondering is there any medication that has no side effects.

Don’t hesitate to write your opinions and experience! Thank you everyone!

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