Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation has become more and more popular as the population worldwide has become more and more obsessed with their looks and overall appearance. Perhaps this is as a result of personal standards, but more likely it is a result of people aspiring to have the perfect body. This is witnessed everywhere from the movies to TV and even to the music industry.


Nevertheless, it seems that Hair transplant is here to stay as more people claim to lose their confidence, appeal and social life over a bald or balding head.

According to statistics, 35 million men and 21 million women experience hair loss during their lifetime.

Traditionally, hair loss has been associated with aging as the aesthetic design of the face shifts to the forehead, an extremely troublesome situation for the younger generation who seem to be even further caught up with the idea of looks.  The feeling of inadequacy can easily creep in leading to self-doubt and a myriad of other psychological conditions.


It all begins with a lack of confidence. Bit by bit, self-esteem erodes to dangerous levels. Vibrant, positive people wilt into shy and introverted ones, and if the condition becomes extreme, full-on depression can take place. Humiliation from hair loss is just as painful as from other physical defects or imperfections.


Then there is the lack of appeal. Society’s perception and approval for those who have lived a life in pursuit of really high standards of perfection is of the upmost importance. Media is guilty of condoning standards that are impossible for people to attain. And when there is a flaw, like hair loss, it is given the unwanted spotlight.


Thirdly, there is the loss of social life. Men, like women, are also prone to using their hair to capture the attention of their desired mate and without it, they feel like lesser beings compared to others. Such a feeling can be depressing, and could lead to more psychologically damaging effects.


Why is hair transplant turkey becoming so big? It is the only solution to an ongoing problem that is permanent and quick.

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