Hair Transplantation In Istanbul

Hair transplantation has become incredibly popular around the world and Turkey is leading many other countries by offering affordable and high quality esthetic health care. Hair transplantation in Istanbul alone takes place in approximately 350 clinics while the country of Turkey welcomes 5,000 people each month who come to afford themselves a more luxurious head of hair.


If you are around and about in Istanbul, it is not unusual to see men with gauze bandages on the back of their heads (covering the donor area) visiting museums, walking on the streets or eating in restaurants alone or with their wives, girlfriends or family. With Hair transplant in Istanbul they easily take on the role of tourist after their operations as the minimally evasive FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, under local anesthesia, allows them to almost immediately live normal lives. Where else in the world would you see something like that?

The cost of the procedure in Turkey is 80% lower than in the United States and Europe and the item of key importance is that the quality is not compromised. During the procedure, follicular units are carefully extracted from back of the head in the donor area where hair is generally thicker and they are transplanted into the bald areas using tiny incisions.

It isn’t a wonder that hair transplant turkey has drawn patients from around the globe and has become one of the most important countries in the world for hair transplants. Since Istanbul, in particular, offers some many options as a city, with fantastic flight frequency in and out of two airports and a myriad of historic sites, hair transplantation in Istanbul has become the focal point in this field of medicine.

Dr. Koray Erdogan’s ASMED Surgical Medical Center is one of the top clinics in Istanbul with his state-of-the-art facility, excellent and friendly staff and a reputation for precision and artistry that cannot be compared. He strives for the most natural look possible through homogenization using detailed calculations that arrive at the perfect “Coverage Value”, a concept developed by Dr. Erdogan himself.

So now you have it; a destination that is amazing, a cost that is more than reasonable and a highly specialized clinic that excels in its field. What are you waiting for? Your new look awaits you.

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