Hair Transplantation Cost

Hair transplantation is the most permanent method of correcting hair loss, an embarrassing situation for many men and some women. With the sophistication of FUE (Follicular Hair Extraction) technology, hair restoration surgeons are able to accomplish what was once impossible, from restoring hairlines to adding density to thinning crowns and correcting baldness caused by accidents and disease. It gives hope to many of the most severe cases while enabling an artistic finesse and naturalness that was lacking in the filed of Hair transplant years ago.


Hair transplantation cost is based on a series of variables that include the technique employed, the skill level and reputation of the surgeon, the goals and expectations of the patient and expected long-term results.

Different techniques yield different results and different costs. Generally speaking, most expect that the more sophisticated and technologically advanced the technique, such as FUE, the greater the cost and the greater the expected outcome. However, this is not guaranteed with every patient as results are impacted by the health of the patient, potential complication and, of course, the expertise of the surgeon. Advanced FUE technology does, however, greatly increase the desired outcome. It is less invasive, allows a more rapid healing time and far less scarring is evidenced. FUE also allows for greater artistry and precision in creating a desire “look” and hairline.


Hair transplantation cost with FUE might be slightly higher than FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) due to the training and work invested by the surgeon in obtaining his or her level of expertise. The skilled hand, artistry, techniques and aptitude of the expert FUE surgeon minimize scarring and create a homogenized natural look with outstanding results.


The patient’s needs and individual aesthetic goals are also a factor in hair transplant turkey cost. More extreme conditions require a hair graft count that tends to be higher and since the industry standard is to price per graft, this is reflected in the price. Also in extreme conditions, patients may require more that one surgery adding to the overall cost of the procedure.


The most important thing to remember is that hair transplantation is enduring and therefore, the choice of surgeon and clinic should be the most important consideration.

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