Hair Transplant Uk

My name is Jeremy, from London. I’m 27 years old, I would like to share my story with you guys because I need your advices for my future Hair Transplant Uk. My hair loss began when I was at high school. I was so young and I didn’t pay attention at first because I had different teenage problems as you can imagine. I thought it was unimportant. But when I noticed lots of hair on my pillow, I began to worry. I went to a dermatologist to ask what was happening to me. She said it was a genetic hair loss, a male baldness and I would loose my hair with time like my father.

Hair Transplant Uk

My father has almost no hair on vertex. I got panic, I didn’t want to have a surgery at this age. Because of my uncle’s recommendation I began to use minoxil. I used this product for 3 years, It stopped really my hair loss. But over time minoxil started not to work and I began to lose my hair transplant uk again, and this time it was so fast. I can’t stop it now. They say that Finasteride is also very helpful to prevent hair loss and to recover your old hair transplant uk. But I’m afraid of its side effects. I feel so hopeless now, I’m doing researches for the clinics in Uk, I really need your recommendations about hair transplant uk. Your comments will be very useful for me. If you share your opinions with me, I will be grateful. Thank you so much

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