Hair transplant surgery Istanbul

Hair transplant surgery Istanbul is booming and so is the rest of Turkey when it comes to hair transplants. It is all part of a growing trend in cosmetic surgery that reflects the importance of a positive image in today’s society. Years ago, people, and especially men, were willing to settle for whatever was divinely dished out to them, but now, men have become as concerned as women are about their looks.

Unfortunately, for most middle class Europeans or Americans, the cost of a hair transplant procedure at home is prohibitive. However, the international market has recently presented these potential patients with some viable options. With a cost reduction of 80% and a choice of 350 clinics in Istanbul alone, hair transplant surgery Istanbul has become the solution for many. But not all clinics are the same, and the surgeon of choice must be carefully selected for his or her techniques and outstanding results. It is not only about cost. It is also about quality, and when there is real value in hair transplant turkey, the cost and the quality are balanced.


At Dr. Koray Erdogan’s Surgical Medical Center, cost is equalized with the quality offered. Dr. Erdogan’s state-of-the-art clinic is in constant evolution, creating and developing new techniques and instrumentation to afford its patients the best possibility of achieving their personal goals and expectations through artistry, precision and innovation. With surgeons like Dr. Erdogan your new look is just a flight away. It would be a pity not to take advantage of an opportunity to change your life and your image forever.

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