Hair Transplant Sector

Hi there, I am 28 and I have been suffering major hair thinning the last 5 years. I have taken Propecia for several years but I haven’t seen any improvement in my condition. I am very keen to find a permanent solution to my hair loss. I have a very high hairline, which makes me very self-conscious so I would like to lower my hairline if that is possible. I am very interested in scheduling an appointment in Turkey since Turkey is considered to be the world leader within the hair transplant sector.

Hair Transplant Sector

I would like to know more about the hair transplant cost in Turkey. I am considering an all- inclusive package including the surgery itself, transfer, medication and accommodation. In brief, full service with no additional or hidden costs. I am not able to pay all up front so I was wondering if there is any place offering pay monthly services. How long would I have to stay in Turkey for the procedure? When would it be safe to travel back to your country after the surgery and how long does the healing take? I would appreciate if you could provide me with all this information so I can make my final decision.

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