Hair Transplant Price

I’am 35 years old male from Turkey, my name is Caner. I have a huge hair loss problem. I am always afraid of becoming bald and around 29 I realized I was beginnining the process of going bald.

There is no one that suffers from baldness in my family so I think I don’t have something causes baldness in my genes but I believe that many symptoms can be fabricated by the brain so maybe my problem is because of psychological reasons.

Hair Transplant Price

However I seem to be losing more than 90-100 hairs a day and I have realized what looks to be miniaturized hairs at my hairline. So I started to look for some hair transplant clinic. I am reading hair loss forums and I saw that the hair transplant price is incredibly expensive, and I’ve a limited budget. Is there someone that knows any tolerable hair transplant price?

I also read about medication for hair treatment but I don’t know if I’m too late to use them.

Hair Transplant Price

I would like to ask what the best option for me as it is becoming so hard to style my hair and I am getting very nervous all the time.
Any andvice would be greatly appreciated

Best Regards from Ankara

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