Hair Transplant London

I’ve basically got hair loss on top but myhairline is fine for now. My problem is clearly on top.

I’m 26 but it started before 2-3 years. At first my hair loss wasn’t too much but from the beginning of this year, it seemed to get worse. And this situation effected me so deeply I was always depressed and didn’t want to do anything. My family saw my sadness and they started to look for some hair transplant clinics and doctors.

Hair Transplant London

All of us started to read hair loss forums, ask questions and take advices. Thanks to these forums I met a person who is 40 years old male and had hair transplant operation when he was 38. He was from UK and told me everything about hair transplant london. My family wants me to have a hair transplant london for my happiness more then I want, but I am afraid and I can’t be sure if it doesn’t work for me.

I got it from my dad’s side so it’s genetic but my father started to loose his hair after 30, that’s not fair guys! By the way in the hair loss forums I encountered another man who loves his baldness and isn’t worried about it. It is so strange to me but sounds really great, I would like to be like him bu I think I am very obsessed with my hair.

Hair Transplant London

So thank you! Waiting for your answers!

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