Hair transplant cost uk

I’m David, I’m from Barcelona. My battle with hair loss started 7 years ago. I’m 30 years old now. According to my dermatologist diagnosis, It was a Hereditary-pattern baldness.

Hair transplant cost uk

Because my grandfather was bald on my father’s side and my dad has also thin hair in the front and vertex area. I could see my future self. I was spending my time in the mirror to check if my hair was still there. Everyday I was living the same situation and it didn’t stop. My brush was full of hair and also my pillow. I kept my hair long to cover bald spots in the back and front. It was the only trick that I found, and with time because of my thinning hair, it didn’t work. I started to look for solutions and used numerous products and unfortunately nothing worked. But I didn’t want to accept my destiny. The only thing that I would do was hair transplant cost uk. One of my friend told me that there were some good surgeons in Uk.

Hair transplant cost uk Hair transplant cost uk

He helped me to get information about hair transplant cost uk. But the prices are so high especially for FUE technique. I don’t know what to do and I’m undecided to have an operation in United Kingdom. Could you please recommend me some good surgeons that performed this technique with an affordable price?

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