Hair transplant cost in Turkey

The popularity of hair transplants in Turkey is exploding, but why? Turkey is not only an amazing place to visit with its history of hosting three empires over the centuries, but it is also a hub of hair harvesting due to the incredible savings it affords patients who are contemplating having a Hair transplant procedure done.


Hair transplant cost in Turkey, at least 80% lower than in other western countries such as Britain or the United States, is attracting approximately 5,000 patients per month. Among the reasons for the recent explosion in the procedure is not only affordability, but also Turkey’s proficiency in the field with state-of-the-art FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technology.¬†Turkey is already well known for medical tourism in other disciplines including in vitro fertilization, optometry and cardiology.

There is, however, a clear cultural shift at play as well. Men are beginning to start to track beauty trends and stress their importance as women have always done. Social media has allowed a clear avenue for the spreading of this sentiment. Men, who until now did not really care about themselves and their appearance, now have fast and easy access to men in other countries and they act as role models. hair transplant turkey is reasonable, so they figure why not? Why not look younger and more vital for their wives and significant others?

The majority of patients are European or Arabic with growing markets in South America, the United States and Canada and hair transplant cost in Turkey is becoming more competitive. But, be aware, cost is not always everything. Finding the right hair transplant surgeon who is well trained and experienced is of the upmost importance. Dr. Koray Erdogan of the ASMED Surgical Medical Center is one such doctor who is renowned in the field for his artistry, innovation and precision. His surgical center is located on the Asian side of the city in Atasehir near major transportation points.

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