Hair Restoration Price

So you are debating. You just got a huge bonus at work and your pockets are burning. You want to spend this money on something for you, something that will give you a lot of happiness. You think about it; maybe season football tickets or perhaps a new car. A few days go by and you are still unsure. You are getting ready for work one day and take a look in the mirror. Starring back at you is a receding hairline and a bald spot on the back of your head.  Suddenly it dawns on you. You are going spend the money on new hair. You wonder about hair restoration price.

Hair transplant

Your wife is delighted about your decision and she helps you rummage through forum posts online looking for your best options. The offerings seem to be many, but the hair restoration price seems high in clinics close to you. You both read and continue to research. Suddenly you come upon the option of going abroad to have the procedure done. At first, you think it is a wild idea, but then you realize that it really is the best option, and your wife is thrilled with the idea of a built-in vacation. You settle on Turkey as your hair restoration destination after fully evaluating the options. You decide that Turkey offers the best value for the hair transplant turkey when considering the elements of price and the quality. This determination is based on your research of the various clinics in Turkey, and most specifically in Istanbul where the offerings seem to be of the highest quality in state-of-the-art facilities.


You settle on the ASMED Surgical Medical Center run by Dr. Koray Erdogan and you are not disappointed. His attention to details such as “Coverage Value” (a concept that he created), graft preservation and homogenization put him in the position as a leading expert in hair restoration around the world.


After 8 months, everyone at work is shocked. You look ten years younger. The results are truly amazing. You got that happiness that you were looking for plus a new head of incredibly natural looking hair. What more can you ask for?

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