Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

I am from Morocco, 32 years old male who is obsessed with his hair. Firstly I am writing to clarify if I am exaggerating my situation or not.

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

My hair has been slowly diffusing from the vertex part 5 years ago. Last christmas I noticed that I’ve almost lost  all of my hair on the vertex region. I didn’t want to loose my other hairs and I started to research what it has worked for people.

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

Actually my old brother has already tried all the ways for gain back his hair. He has used some medications which weren’t useful for him. Then he started to take finesteride and he had fue hair transplant turkey, so he found his solution now my turn but I’m still researching what I’ve got to do.

I’m also considering to take finesteride but I think first I should go to a doctor. By the way I hate hospitals, clinics and any kind of medication.


Anyway my hair loss problem is increasing day by day so I must quickly find a way to keep my hairs on my head. And I think the best solution is hair transplantation. I read some forums where people talk about fue hair transplant turkey, what do you think about? Help meeeee!


Thank you so much from now! I am waiting your responses guys!

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey


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