Fue Hair Transplant Results

Last week I was talking with my colleague at work and he told me about his extensive search on the Internet about the fue hair transplant. Unfortunately, he has several years problems with his hair and that bothers him a lot. We talked really long on this subject, because he knows I have these problems too and for me, it was very helpful to speak with him in a detailed way.

After our conversation I was looking on the Internet for different clinics in the field of fue hair restoration, their fue hair transplant results and the cost of hair transplant. It takes a long time until you get an overview about all the Information because in general there is a lot to read about the Clinics and you need the time to make the right decision for the best Clinic. In the Internet you can find a lot of clinics and medical practices with different offers from all over the world but I read and heard about one good Doctor in Turkey and this is Dr Koray Erdogan in Istanbul. The Name of the Clinic is Asmed hair transplant turkey I search about more Information and I find the Asmed website with the own Asmed results.

During the day I sent an email with my Photos to get more information about the clinic, their work and my evaluation. I want to know everything about the Technique, is it the micro motor or the manual Punch for the extraction, the incisions part and the implantation.

Also an important point is the cost of hair transplant. You can hear different prices from people around you and on the Internet you can find varying rates with many tempting offers. For me it is important to find a reputable and confidential clinic because it should be the right decision.

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