Fue Cost

The rising FUE cost in the United States and Europe have forced many hair loss patients to seek help abroad where hair restoration procedures are available at more inexpensive rates.

In the United States, for instance, the average FUE cost is from $6 to $12 USD per graft. With advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment available at clinics in other parts of the world, patients have access to low FUE cost and an affordable option to their hair loss problem.

However, it is not all about price. Many clinics abroad offer superior service and results for just a fraction of the cost. In hair transplant turkey, for example, clinics offer the procedure at a price of from 1 to 2.5 Euros per graft. With the Euro/Dollar exchange as close as it is, that represents a huge difference in price and this allows potential patients to think realistically about having the procedure done.

Many wonder if they are risking anything by going abroad. Certainly not, especially if they select a highly reputable clinic in a country where medical standards are kept at an extremely high level. Such a country is Turkey, where the medical tourism industry is booming due its reasonable prices and high standards. It is no wonder that thousands flock to Turkey each month for transplant surgery or even more popular, esthetic surgery such as hair transplant surgery.

When evaluating a clinic in Turkey, consider the ASMED Surgical Medical Center directed by world-renowned FUE surgeon Dr. Koray Erdogan. His success rates are phenomenal and his reputation untarnished for providing an optimum hair transplant experience.

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