Dr Koray Erdogan Turkey

Hi there, I am 36 years old and started to loose some of my hair and my father has the same problem so I thought that to do a hairtransplantion whould be a great idea.

I was searching about hair transplant turkey in Istanbul for a while now and I finally made my decision.  I found Clinic Asmed Results and finally decided to do my hair transplant in Turkey, Istanbul with Dr Koray Erdogan.

I heard a lot about that Asmeds prices was too much but I don’t agree with those people.

And my second reason to why I choose Dr Koray erdogan was for his technique, he is doing manual fue hair transplant, which is better for me, to do a hair transplant without leaving any scar, is perfect.


So I took contact with Asmed hair transplant center in Istanbul, I send an online consultation from Asmed website. And a patient coordinator answered me. She was really good and quick, she told me everything about a cost of hair transplant and how the process will be.

I was happy with my choice of clinic.  And I have now booked a manual fue hair transplant in Asmed, with Dr Koray Erdogan and his wonderful team.


Asmed is a great hair transplant center for those who are in need for a great hair transplantation with Dr  Koray Erdogan.

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