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I have been searching on Internet for FUE hair transplant and I’ve found that hair transplant turkey I really good. Especially, dr Koray erdogan (as know as ASMED) has really good and naturel fue results. I’ve found him by hair transplant forum the results had been amazed me. We can see that cost of the hair transplant is really cheap in some places and some of them is really high.

For me giving less money made me think of the quality but I’ve searched and found out dr Koray cost really normal to compare other hair transplant centers in Istanbul/Turkey. I’ve been talking with my friends who went to Istanbul before so that if I can go there for hair transplant, I want it to be in a center so that I can also enjoy the city. So, I decided to get some information about FUE hair transplant in ASMED and I’ve been talking all my questions with a adviser and she answered all my doubts with a good information and also with a patience.

As you know now days we can not believe on every single thing we see on internet especially if it’s your hair and you are planning to take a step for doing fue hair transplant. So talking by phone, e-mail made myself confident much more than ever! For the asmed prices, you can see by the result that he deserves. It’s clean, natural, the location is safety and good. I hope to be there as soon as possible.

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