Cost Of Hair Transplant

My name is Clarence,  I’m from Sweden. I would like to share with you my hair loss story. I lost my hair when I was at university at the age of 21. I started shaving my head all the time.My friends were talking about cost of hair transplant but I was afraid of these kinds of things. I always tried to find temporary methods to prevent hair loss. It was just a waste of time to wait for a miracle. Because I heard that I was supposed to have enough donor capacity to have a successful operation and I continued to lose my hair every day.

Cost Of Hair Transplant

I started doing some researches and discovered hair transplant clinics using different techniques. I’m not an expert enough on these issues but I saw positive comments about technique fue. But the cost of hair transplant changes according to the technique used. If I make a decision, I think I’ll choose the fue method, because it leaves less scars. I don’t want anyone to notice that I had an operation. I guess I’ll just tell my closest friends. Could you please suggest a good surgeon I should go to? also with the cost of hair transplant? He doesn’t have to be in Sweden, I can go everywhere for this reason. Thanks in advance

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