Best Hair Transplant In Turkey

I’m Josh from Ireland and I’m looking for the best fue hair transplant turkey and not other types of surgery. I’m 34 years old man and since I started to search in Internet I saw that there are a lot of hair transplant center in Turkey. As you know the cost of hair transplant are different from the country to country and I think that the fue transplant in Istanbul is the best choice. Would someone tell me which are Dr Koray prices? I’m asking about him because in many hair transplant forum I can found Asmed results, which are absolutely awesome and if I compare his results with others hair restoration in Turkey there is a huge different.

Shall someone explain me the different about his fue transplant and the others fue micro-motor? I need about 2000-3000 graft for only my frontline, what would be the hair transplant Turkey cost? An other question is: if the hair transplant cost in Turkey is so cheap, why the Asmed hair transplant also in Turkey is so expensive? What they will do or will use different from the other cheap clinics? I think the prices are so different from the other clinics, because Dr. Koray uses manuel fue for the hair transplant… in some forum the users saying that the fue technique has 2 different methodology. The first one is micro-motor (which is more fast) and the second one fue manual (slow but more effective for the donor area) so I really want to be sure for Dr. Koray in Istanbul maybe for a live consultation after search more dr Koray reviews on internet.

Otherwise, the second option could be Canada, b

ut I prefer fue manuel that FUT. We will see, but the best choice will manual FUE.

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