Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey

Perhaps you have been looking in the mirror for a while and are not really happy with what you see. Perhaps you have tried numerous products in an attempt to stimulate new hair growth with no success. Maybe you have decided that you could just live with your condition for a while, but then one day, you have had enough of looking older than you are. The decision is made. The only permanent resolution is a Hair transplant.


You begin to educate yourself on the various procedures. You read numerous forum posts of former hair transplant patients and websites by famous hair surgeons. You compare techniques, esthetics, methods and cost. You finally settle on the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. It seems like a less invasive procedure when compared to Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT). It seems to give the patient a more natural appearance with less scarring.

With that decision made, you begin to search for a clinic that specializes in this procedure, bearing in mind cost, of course.  Could Turkey really be an option? Actually, comparing prices against reputation and quality, you find Turkey to be at the top of your list. Now you wonder how to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Again you scavenge the Internet looking for clues as to which surgeon might be the most renowned in the country and which clinic would be the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey in general. As you search, one name keeps coming up. That is Dr. Koray Erdogan of the ASMED Surgical Medical Center in Istanbul.


Confident with the results of your research, you send in your photos and information, and a consultation is booked with the doctor to finalize plans. You proceed with the surgery and just as you anticipated, the results are amazing and so natural that those whom have never met you can never even imagine that you have had a hair transplant. There is only one moral to this hair loss saga. Do your research, inform yourself, and when you finally decide to go forward with the FUE transplant, choose the hair transplant turkey, ASMED.

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