Anagen, telogen… what are they mentioning about? Part I

The hair follicle is cutaneous mini-organ. It undergoes continuous, self-organised, cyclical regen- eration and regression events. During each cycle a hair shaft is produced and shed. This event repeats cyclically for the entire lifetime of the individual.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant turkey

Hair follicle has permanent and nonpermanent portion. during each new hair cycle, the regeneration and new assembly of nonpermanent portion take place. Generally the amount of new hair formation matches the amount that is shed. So a consitent covering is maintained. Anagen, catagen and telogen are main phases of the hair follicle cycle. Anagen is an active growth phase. Catagen is a regression phase. Telogen is a largely quiescent phase. The two other stages of the hair cycle have been described as exogen and kenogen. Exogen is release of telogen fibers from hair follicles. Kenogen is lag time between exogen and new anagen fiber development.

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