3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop – Day 3 (Part 1)

In spite of the Gala Dinner the night before, all participants were present and attentive to gain more insight and understanding into the world of FUE.  Lectures began with Dr. Lupanzula discussing corrective work using FUE and those by Drs. True, Cole and Lorenzo on graft survival. In his lecture, Dr. Erdogan emphasized the importance of hairline design and restoration while Dr. Ginzburg continued with a lecture on the post-op period.  The complications and disadvantages of FUE in certain patients with certain conditions was a topic addressed by several faculty members including Dr. Cole, Dr. Devroye, Dr. Lorenzo and Dr. Feriduni.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant turkey

The morning session concluded with a faculty debate on FUE verses FUT and storage solution options. Workshop participant surveys were again distributed and the outcome statistics on those topics contributed to faculty discussion, appraisal and comparison.

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