3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop: Day 2 (Part 1)

3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop: Day 2 (Part 1)

As some late arrivals trickled into the lecture hall on Friday morning following flight delays and the rearrangement of their personal schedules, discussion had already begun on the differences between dull and sharp punches and robotic FUE. The second day of the workshop even more emphasis was put on the donor area, including consideration of pre-op evaluations, extractions in different types of ethnicities, FUE pitfalls and remedies, safe donor management and ways to improve graft extraction speed while maintaining graft quality.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant turkey

Additional lectures addressed megasessions with their various aspects and strategies and sensitive topics such as forceps verses implanters, lateral verses sagittal incisions and punch sizes and depths. Once again, time was set aside for a description of the faculty’s individual techniques including Dr. Harris on the Safe System, Dr. Devroye and Dr. Rahal on motorized FUE, Dr. Lupanzula on the manual step technique, Dr. Cole on motorized FUE (PCID) and Dr. Erdogan on the manual sequential method. Workshop participant surveys were also distributed and the outcome statistics contributed to faculty discussion, appraisal and comparison.

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